Hidden heating That's kinder to the planet and doesn't cost the earth.

iHelios infrared heating

Introducing Eco Heatwave – a Revolutionary Heating System

Eco Heatwave is an innovative far infra-red heating solution for homes and workspaces.

Using patented iHelios technology, the system creates radiant heat that is efficient, effective and extremely economical.

With a super slim-line design, the system can be installed under floors, in walls or in ceilings quickly and safely.

It is completely hidden from view.

Eco Heatwave brings a host of benefits

Innovative Technology
Affordable & Economical
Sustainable & Lower CO2
Quality & Safety
Easy Install No Maintenance
Smart-Home Controllability
Environmental & Health Benefits
Tackling Fuel Poverty

How does it work?

Traditional Convection Heating

Traditional heating systems heat the air in your room.

Air is poor at transferring heat and frequently escapes through doors and windows.

Because warm air rises, the heat is unevenly distributed, with most heat at the top of the room, where the least benefit is felt..

Hot air rising is a common example of heat convection. For this reason, "heat" and "hot air" tend to be confused with each other.

Traditional convection heating

iHelios Radiant Heat

Radiant heat works differently. It directly warms you and the objects in the room - not the air. It works in the same way we feel heat from the sun.

Because objects retain heat, it doesn’t escape through doors and windows and so is a more efficient method of heating a space.

This effective heat transfer builds ‘thermal mass’ in your room. It requires less energy to hit the desired temperature and evenly distributes the heat.

iHelios infrared heating

Affordable to install and economical to run

Installation Costs

With fewer component parts and no need for plumbing and pipe work, the system is quicker, easier and cheaper to install than traditional systems.

Running Costs

Running from mains electricity, the heating foil is super-efficient. Energy consumption reduces second by second until the chosen temperature is reached. The thermostat then measures the air temperature and in a well insulated room may only need to top up heat for 5-10 minutes within a 60 minute period to maintain your comfort. Further savings can be made by utilising the smart home technology included with your heating system.

A sustainable heating system that's kinder to the planet

Using less power than traditional heating systems to deliver an equivalent heat benefit, Eco Heatwave provides a way to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your bills.

Because radiant heat warms objects and not the air, less heat escapes, so you are not wasting our planet’s valuable resources.

The system is totally electric. No CO2 is produced meaning no contribution to greenhouse gases, providing you utilise a green energy tariff or self generation methods. Your Eco Heatwave heating system is 100% energy efficient and with the use of the smart controls, you are able to make further savings by managing the spaces within your home or workplace to maximise the systems efficiency.

Outstanding quality and safety credentials

iHelios products have been rigorously tested and are compliant to all relevant electrical and fire safety standards. iHelios manufacture also meets standards for ISO 9001:2015.

Unlike other infra-red systems on the market, your Eco Heatwave will only ever become warm to the touch, not hot. It will not crack plaster and does not have to be placed out of reach.

For complete peace of mind, the system is restricted to a maximum heating foil temperature of 45°C. Also, as a water-free system, there is no risk of leaking or flooding.

All thermostats come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, whilst iHelios heating foils come with a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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