Hidden heating That's kinder to the planet and doesn't cost the earth.

Environmental & health benefits

Eco Heatwave is silent and takes up less space than traditional systems, delivering aesthetic benefits to your environment.

Unlike traditional convection heating, the Eco Heatwave system will not stir up or circulate dust and pollen particles, making it ideal for allergy and asthma suffers.

Your air will feel cleaner, less stuffy and less drying - providing skin and respiratory benefits.

Infra-red is proven to kill black mould which can cause respiratory and allergy problems, particularly for the young or vulnerable.

Infra-red has long been associated will promoting good circulation and a host of wellness benefits.

Tackling fuel poverty

The developers of iHelios technology believe that heating should be affordable to all.

This means that the product has been priced to be within reach to all of society, not restricted to the most affluent.

We have worked with iHelios to ensure that install costs remain modest.

Running costs compare favourably with all other heating solutions and with no service or maintenance requirements, you won’t encounter any unwelcome financial surprises.

Eco Heatwave customers can be sure they are getting a superior heating system at a great price.

Eco Heatwave – feeling is believing

Eco Heatwave will warm your room quickly and effectively, but is quite unlike traditional heating systems.

We encourage you to experience it for yourself, by visiting our showroom.

We'll show you the system in action, discuss your requirements and take all the details we need to give you an indicative quotation.*

We'll discuss practicalities, including your current EPC rating and insulation as well as your room sizes to advise you on how to place the product for the best results in your space.

To arrange your appointment, call us on 01472 923058 or email sales@ecoheatwave.com.

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