Eco friendly heating for your garden office that doesn't cost the earth

Written by Lisa on Tuesday 8th December 2020

Eight months has passed since the WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic.  We all know that the pandemic has changed the way we want to work in the future. Things will never be the same.  BBC's recent Future Forum Research of 4,700 workers found the majority never want to go back to the old way of working. Only 12% want to return to full-time office work, and 72% want a hybrid remote-office model moving forward.

Millions of people are currently working from home. Some have made do working from their kitchen table or sofa. Many have taken to their garden where they have converted sheds and garages into offices or even stretched to purchasing a garden office. In fact, Google has reported that searches for "garden rooms" have doubled during the pandemic.

Being productive from your garden office

There have been many top tips banded around in the press around how to create a comfortable, productive working environment now we are all set up at home. Top tips include letting in the light, shutting out noise, having a good declutter, stretching occasionally and surrounding yourself with house plants. One thing they fail to mention, which is particularly relevant when you are in a less insulated, wooden building such as a garden office, is ensuring that you are warm!

Why the temperature of your garden office is important

The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers* recommends a minimum temperature of 20 degrees centigrade within offices. The Trade Unions Congress has flagged that lower temperatures leads to a loss of concentration and increased tiredness, which means that workers are more likely to make mistakes. Scientific studies confirm that indoor temperature can significantly impact on productivity and the best performing 'comfort zone' lay between 22° C and 25° C.* A built in infrared heating system, is an easy to fit and non-intrustive way to achieve this within a garden office or garden room space.

Why is it good for my garden office?

Switch it on, and be ready to start work straight away

Traditional heating, whether it is plug in or water based, relies on air-convection to heat a room. This means most of your heat escapes through windows or areas of your garden office where there is poor insulation. By its very nature, the hot air rises to the ceiling of your garden office leaving you cold in front of your computer! Infrared heating technology harnesses the power of infrared rays (a naturally occurring heat) to heat objects and people in the room rather than air. Your walls, floors and furniture will be heated up and will continue to release heat back into the office even after it has been switched off. An added bonus of infrared, from the moment it is on, you yourself will feel warmth straight away, making you comfortable and work ready whilst the rest of the room heats up.

Easy to install and cheap to run

With space to work at a premium, particularly when in the confines of a garden office, this system is slim-line and can be installed under floors, in walls and ceilings quickly and safely. Completely hidden from view, with fewer component parts and no need for plumbing and pipe work, the system is quicker, easier and cheaper to install than traditional heating systems that run off boilers. It also has no maintenance costs and is water-free, so no risks of leaks or breakdowns.

Economical and Eco-friendly

No more walking to the bottom of the garden to switch on the heating (an hour before you actually need to use it!) Eco Heatwave's system is highly efficient, runs from mains electricity and unlike plugin oil radiators it brings a room** to temperature in less that 20 minutes. With wall mounted thermostats, energy consumption reduces as your garden office reaches the chosen temperature. The thermostat then measures the air temperature to ensure your chosen temperature is maintained. In a well-insulated space with doors and windows Eco Heatwave uses less power than traditional heating systems, it is very eco-friendly.

Heating your home office with infrared

We all hope that at some point next year that the world will return to normal. However, the world of work has changed forever. Office workers will all be remote or at least partially working from home going forward.

This is why it is so important that you invest in your workspace. Ensure that you have a warm, comfortable environment to be productive. Don't use plug-in conventional heaters that don't heat the room - invest in your office space for the long term. To thrive in the world of work going forward, this space has now become an essential. And whilst you are at it, you might want to consider a few houseplants.

*Section 1 (Environmental criteria for design) of CIBSE Guide A: Environmental design,

*Seppanen et al, 'Effect of Temperature on Task Performance in Office Environment' helsinki University of Technology, 2006

**Well insulated

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