Hidden heating is a winner for retail and customer centric spaces

Written by Lisa Gibson on Tuesday 16th March 2021

Leading specialists on high street consumer behaviour, cite "experiences" as being crucial to drive footfall into your premises and the most effective way for shop owners to differentiate themselves from their competitors - particularly those online. Richard Lim, chief executive of Retail Economics, defines "experiences"as offering that more personalised, human experience or "what Amazon can't do". Core to customer perception is your retail space planning; how you layout your floor plan as well as how you display your products in a way that is creative and enticing.

For salons and those that provide therapies, it's a particularly big challenge: more styling stations/therapy rooms means more potential revenue, yet they need to avoid overcrowding with too many workstations/pokey therapy rooms. Their spaces also have the added pressure of needing to be highly functional (electrical fittings, plumbing, massage tables and therapeutic aids).

Space saving solutions to give a greater customer experience

Whether you are a beauty salon, a physiotherapy clinic or a retailer. A small shop space with a lack of square footage challenges you to be creative with the space that you have. While you can never predict the behaviour of every single customer, there are quick wins that you can put in place to maximise space.

Beware - traditional radiators may hinder your progress

Whilst there are many attractive options that are aesthetically pleasing, traditional radiators commonly pose problems on small shop floors. They dictate where certain products can be placed as some can be affected by the heat. They can also affect your floor layout. They often require casing, making them large or obstructive; the casing is needed so that they are safe to touch (compliant with NHS guidance for safe hot water and surface temperature). They are also prone to requiring maintenance so need to be readily accessible. The best space-saving, heating solution to tackle these challenges is Eco Heatwave.

Eco Heatwave - the space saving solution for retail premises
Infrared heat is superior in comparison to conventional heating and is the heating system of choice for retail premises. The system is completely hidden from view, giving you more retail space to play with and entice customers.

Bringing your room up to temperature from a cold start in less than 30 minutes*, it is controllable from wall-mounted thermostats and harnesses the power of far infrared (a naturally occurring heat) to heat your premises. Adhering to fire and safety standards, it is also a safer option for your customers as being completely hidden from view it will not pose any burn risk.

How easy is it to install?

It is super slimline with a profile of just 0.4mm making it very easy to place in the ceilings, or walls. With fewer component parts and no need for plumbing and pipe work, the system is quicker, easier and cheaper to install than traditional systems. It only requires a 230-volt main electrical supply and suitably rated fuse. For larger areas, you can choose to create zones each controlled by their own thermostat to enable you to save more on your bills by only heating the spaces you need to. Alternatively you can use the smart phone application to group the zones and control the whole space with the touch of a button. Beleza Beauty Salon said about the heating system:

"The system is amazingly simple to operate and the install itself was done and dusted in a day. Plus, I've got the added bonus of no unsightly radiators, pipes and vents. The system is completely silent - so the ambience is perfect for a luxury salon experience."

Is it expensive to run? 

Eco Heatwave heating systems require less energy to hit the desired temperature and evenly distributes the heat. With low running costs it will reduce your heating bills and has zero ongoing maintenance. Our retail customers particularly praise the fact that it does not need to be left on overnight "The system gives me everything I want. It's economical, controllable and fast-acting, so I know I'm creating a warm, inviting environment that my customers will love."

Eco Heatwave supports you in providing excellent customer experiences

Maximising hidden space within the walls floor or ceiling in a small retail space, our heating solution gives you more space to work with. A blank canvas. It is a solution that enables you to use your physical space innovatively, making you more competitive and adding value for customers. It also ensures that your premises stay at the right temperature, an essential as keeping your customers physically warm has been proven to increase buying behaviour.

"Efficient shelf space allocation management does not only minimise the economic threats of empty product shelves, it can also lead to higher consumer satisfaction, a better consumer relationship, and even more importantly; it can have a significant positive effect on product sales."


Ebster and Garaus, Store Design and Visual Merchandising: Creating Store Space That Encourages Buying (New York: Business Expert Press, 2015), p9.

*In a well insulated room with doors and windows closed

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