Infrared vs conventional heating - there is no contest

Written by Lisa on Monday 8th February 2021

What is infrared heating?

You may not have realised it, but you've already experienced this type of heat. Infrared is the heat that you feel when the sun is shining on a cold winter's day. Despite the surrounding temperature - you yourself absorb the sun's rays and feel the warmth on your face.

Unlike traditional heating, which circulates warm air, infrared evenly distributes heat all around the room, heating the fabric of the building and the objects and people it comes into contact with. This effective heat transfer builds 'thermal mass' in your room providing you with an even heat. With outstanding safety credentials, infrared heat is superior in comparison to conventional heating and has even been proven to have health benefits.

Why is it superior to conventional heating systems?

People choose our heating systems as they are quick to install, are hidden from view (space-saving), easy to use both manual and using smart technology and they are economical to run. They particularly like the fact that the heat doesn't bunch up towards the ceiling or escape out of the window. We also find that our customers are very enthusiastic about the wider benefits of our infrared technology. For example, the windows heat to the same temperature as the room, therefore condensation does not form on the window pane. Condensation can cause the perfect conditions for black mould to form. So it's great to think that this would not be the case with Infrared. Many report feeling comfortable at lower temperatures too which is great news for their bills and for the environment. 

Cheaper heat that can't escape - at the touch of a button

Operated manually, by programme or via an app, our heating system is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant which puts the user in total control. It allows you to select a room and bring it up to temperature in less than 20 minutes. As it uses smart technology and less power than traditional heating systems, it is very eco-friendly and costs less to run than standard heating systems.

Natural health benefits

Infrared heating is a form of electromagnetic radiation with a frequency lower than visible light. Although sometimes compared with the feeling of receiving heat from the sun, infrared has nothing to do with UV, which has a higher frequency than visible light (making this type of heat harmful).

In fact, when it comes to infrared, all objects emit and accept infrared radiation; it is 100% safe and natural to our bodies.  Eco Heatwave harnesses this natural form of radiation which is why it feels like such a familiar, warming, deep heat - unlike the shallow, surface level heat you get through air convection with conventional heating which can often feel stuffy and drying.

Infrared vs conventional heating? For a heat with depth and no downsides there truly is no contest. Infrared wins hands down. 

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