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Written by Lisa Gibson on Sunday 21st February 2021

Lockdown, tiers, bubbles - who would have thought that we would have been using such terms in our everyday conversations a year ago? As the Government considers children returning to schools from March 8th, easing our way out of this most recent lockdown in time for Easter will be eagerly anticipated by many. The roll out of the vaccine is in full swing, therefore confidence among the most vulnerable in our society is beginning to increase. 


Perhaps now is a time to consider how businesses can begin to trade again, whilst reducing the risk of Coronavirus spreading. During winter, this proved to be a significant issue in indoor public spaces where people congregate. Studies have shown that the virus can remain infectious in airborne particles for more than three hours. 


What will Boris Johnson's roadmap for lifting restrictions look like?


When the last tier system was put in place, the UK government was encouraging offices, gyms, beauty salons, restaurants and shops to open. In buildings without sophisticated ventilation systems, guidance from the World Health Organisation recommends keeping these spaces well ventilated by opening a window, to reduce airborne transmission. What does this mean? Expensive heating bills and cold customers as hot air is pumped into a room or workspace and promptly escapes out of the window via convection currents. 


Eco Heatwave heating systems primarily heats people and objects in the room.


Eco Heatwave is the only viable heating solution that works to build thermal mass within the building. Quick and easy to install, the hidden heating foil distributes far infrared waves evenly around the room, primarily heating the objects they come into contact with, primarily the furniture, surfaces, people and even the floor. The air is heated secondary. This effective heat transfer builds 'thermal mass' in your room providing you with an even heat. It has an added benefit of making surfaces more hygienic; a recent study, published in Virology Journal, found SARS-Cov-2 survived for less time at hotter temperatures than cooler temperatures. An additional bonus, is that it also limits condensation and therefore removes the conditions for black mould to form and does not rely on air circulation to heat a room (no spread of germs, dust or lurgies). Customers have installed it to ensure a safer environment for their customers and staff. 


Temperatures influence consumer behaviour

Multiple pieces of research written by consumer psychologists have found that there is a direct relationship between temperature and spending behaviour. Having an environment where it is physically warm activates a concept of "emotional warmth" towards a brand. Customers are more likely to stay and peruse their options for longer and purchase more. Eco Heatwave, heating systems will not only warm a room, but it will keep the room (and most importantly, your customers) at a constant temperature. Quick and economical to install, it will prove its worth as you look to bounce your business back from lockdown and navigate the challenges of the pandemic over the remaining colder months of 2021. 

*WHO document "Getting workplaces ready for COVID-19"

Photo by Arturo Rey on Unsplash

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