What to expect from your new Eco Heatwave heating system

Written by Lisa Gibson on Monday 29th March 2021

As with any change that we encounter in our daily lives. Upgrading your heating system is going to take a little bit of getting used to. For those tech savvy among us, you will enjoy getting to grips with the smartphone app and discovering all of the settings that are on hand to make your life easier. 

My particular favourite is the child lock function. This not only stops the children from tampering with the temperature, but it'd also give me the power (finally) to choose the temperature I feel most comfortable, without my husband being able to change it! (Only joking Mr Gibson ha ha). 

Upon installation there will be a short period of adjustment as you and your family get used to the new heating system. You will need to recalibrate your thermostats after the first few days to ensure they are reading the correct temperature. This is very easy to do and we will send you a video showing you how this can be done.

Feeling radiant?

As you and your family adapt, you may find for example that you are more comfortable at a lower temperature than you had set your previous heating system. You will need to work out what is comfortable for you as a family and set up your programme accordingly. 

One elderly client recently shared that their electric convection heaters were only ever comfortable at 25°C but with Eco Heatwave she is more than comfortable at 21°C. That is not only going to provide them with a huge saving, but it'll also help them to reduce their carbon footprint too. 

In relation to traditional Gas Central Heating systems there has long been debate about whether or not running the system on constant will save you money… 

Eco Heatwave's friendly support team are on hand and can recommend the best way to control your system, based upon your current habits. Here are a few examples that help to demonstrate the functionality of the app and the smart features within in that may prove useful:

New parents:

As new parents you might find yourself at home for most of the day. Certainly in the first few weeks as you adapt to a new routine and bond with your bundle of joy.  During this time you may only use the living room, kitchen and toilet during the day time hours.

If so, you can set a programme to heat those areas to your comfortable temperature from 30 minutes or so before you get up, to 30 minutes before you go to bed. You can manually override the programme if you decide to go out, and switch it back on again via your smartphone app as you set off back home. There are even settings within your app that will do that for you when you are in proximity of your home.

You would then set your bedroom programme to coincide with those times. Babies don't need hot rooms. All-night heating is rarely necessary. That's where your Eco Heatwave heating system comes in. It  kicks in silently and only for a few minutes within the hour to maintain your chosen temperature. Perhaps you'd feel comfortable at 18°C overnight, but 20° as you get tucked in. Your smart thermostat can handle that too. 

As your little one grows and begins to climb (which believe me won't take long) you might want to consider utilising the in app child lock function. This will stop them from being able to fiddle with the controls and change the settings. 

Working family:

If you and your family members are still going out to school and work. You may wish to switch off your heating during the times that you are away from the home. This can be done via the programme if you expect this to be a regular pattern. Or you might wish to set up an automated proximity function for you and your family members. You can do this in the smart settings within the app. For example, I can choose which rooms I want heating, and to what temperature to activate when I leave my office. I take just 30 minutes to travel home, and I know that my room will be to temperature by the time get in. 

Frequent traveller:

As a frequent traveller you may wish to protect your home from freezing temperatures whilst you are away. You can do this by simply switching on the frost protection setting in your smart settings. This will maintain a temperature of 7° whilst you are away to prevent any nasty surprises on your return. 

Of course, there are also several ways of heating your home in readiness for your return. You can do this by setting up the proximity automation. Or by turning it on manually in app. Either way you can be sure to return to the comfort your Eco Heatwave provides.

Empty rooms:

Another thing to consider is, are there any spaces within your home that you are not using? 

If this is the case. Ensure the doors and windows are closed and proceed to switch off your heating system for that room. This will of course save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. It might be that you set a weekend programme for unused rooms to heat to 18° for couple of hours once a week just to keep any black mould and damp at bay. This can be done in the smart automation part of the app and is another great way to cut your heating costs. 

Self generators: 

For those of you generating your own electricity. There are settings within the app that will allow you to exploit the local weather conditions such as wind speed and weather. This will enable you to automate the heating of your home at times when self-generation is high to ensure you make the most of the energy you are producing. 

We are here to help should you need it...

If you need assistance with using the app. We have a selection of videos available to help you through it. Or, if you prefer. You can give one of our support team members temporary access. This way we can take a look at the settings you have created to ensure you are getting the most from your system. 

Of course, it's important to remember that Eco Heatwave is not just for the home. 

Our system is suitable to heat your office, school, holiday home, pod, garden office, lodge, shop, hotel or restaurant too. 

With smart controls at your fingertips, just imagine the savings that can be made. 

Together we can save the planet and put money back in your pocket.

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