Hidden heating, easy installation, zero maintenance.

Easy install and zero maintenance

  • The iHelios product is supplied in rolls of super-slim film that is 0.4mm thick.
  • Roll widths are 30cm 50cm or 100cm.
  • It is suitable for new builds and retro-fit into existing properties.
  • The system is completely hidden and can be laid under-floor or into walls or ceilings.
  • No planning permission is required and we will advise on the most appropriate application for your space.
  • Installation is quick and easy and simply requires a 230 volt main electrical supply protected by and RCD and suitably rated fuse.
  • We can put you in-touch with accredited fitters, or our contractors can train your technicians, so larger projects can be completed in-house.
  • The simplicity and integrity of the product, means there is literally nothing to go wrong.
  • The system requires zero servicing or maintenance and is backed by comprehensive manufacturers’ warranties.

Product specification

Underfloor installation

The iHelios foil must be protected by a minimum of 5mm solid floor covering, before carpet and carpet tiles, lino, vinyl rubber and cork, luxury vinyl tiles and cushion vinyl can be laid.

Laminate or solid wood flooring with a profile of 5mm or more, can be laid directly on top of the heating system. We recommend Unifloor heat-pak (7mm) as this is a fast-track floor preparation system that is designed to work with underfloor heating and provides a free floating sub floor, instantly smoothing irregularities and eliminating the need for screeds, primers, screws and nails.

Suspended ceiling installation

Installation in a suspended ceiling is generally as easy as rolling out a mat. Care must be taken to ensure the tiles used with the system have a low tog rating. We therefore recommend plaster-board tiles.

For in-ceiling installation

If access to the void above a room is available, the heating film can be installed without the requirement to drop the ceiling. Retrofit installation into the ceiling often requires the ceiling to be lowered. This can be achieved very simply by installing a frame one inch below the current ceiling and plaster boarding and skimming it after installation.

Smart home technology puts you in complete control

With thermostats in every room, Eco Heatwave puts you in total control.

The system generates heat instantaneously and need only be turned on [20] minutes before the room is to be used.*

Thermostats can be controlled manually, set by timers or even linked to external weather conditions. The system can also be set to sense when you are close to home and switch on ready for your arrival.

Using Smart Home technology - the whole system can be operated via an app on your smart phone and works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant.

Because you need only heat the rooms in use, the system is extremely cost-effective.

For Home Owners

If you are looking to update your home heating system, Eco Heatwave offers economy, quality, controllability and a straight-forward install that is far less intrusive than many of the alternatives.

  • Underfloor, in-wall and in-ceiling options
  • Straight-forward install requires electric [spec]
  • Low install costs and zero on-going maintenance
  • Smart-home technology gives ultimate controllability
  • Reduces monthly heating bills
  • Efficient radiant heat is kinder to the planet

For Social Landlords

Make Eco Heatwave part of your programme of estate updates. Your tenants will reap the benefits of more affordable, controllable heating. With quick and easy install keeping disruption to a minimum and no on-going maintenance costs, Eco Heatwave is a win-win solution.

  • Underfloor, in-wall and in-ceiling options
  • Rapid, affordable install requires electric [spec]
  • Zero on-going maintenance
  • Satisfies exacting fire and safety standards
  • Increases affordability of heating for your tenants
  • A great sustainability story as part of your CSR
  • Water-free means no risk of floods or leaks

For Private Landlords

Make Eco Heatwave your heating system of choice. The system is affordable to install and cheap for your tenants to run. The system is water-free, fast to fit and meets the highest quality and safety standards, reducing your risk and minimises disruption to your earning.

  • Underfloor, in-wall and in-ceiling options
  • Rapid, affordable install requires electric [spec]
  • Zero on-going maintenance
  • Satisfies exacting fire and safety standards
  • Increases affordability of heating for your tenants
  • Water-free means no risk of leaks or floods

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